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Paintings - Sketches

The Ionian Islands (or Seven Islands, in Greek) have their own wealth of civilization. Municipal Libraries, Art Galleries, Folk Art Museums and private collections host a great part of what has been preserved from this abundant cultural treasure. Cephallonia, which was razed to the ground in the 1952 earthquake, confines its Folk Art Museum exhibits to objects from private collections which were not on the island at the time of the disaster.

In my research I gathered elements and then developed a series of jewellery, objects and sculptures based on representative aspects of the civilization of the Ionian Islands.

It took me four years of study and preparation to complete the initial series, which was supplemented with new elements after further research and work in 1995-1996.

The themes under this series comprise four units:

a. Architectural elements and balustrades
b. Symbolic embroidery motifs from the Folk Art Museum of Cephallonia
c. Coins (15th to 19th c.)
d. Coats of arms from local families