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Paintings - Sketches

Dawn is breaking; the journey began long ago to a land of legend that can now be discerned through the morning dew. This dew I strove like a breeze to disperse so that your beauty might shine in all its glory. Cyprus of the poets and heroes. Cyprus of Aphrodite and Astarte. Cyprus of the Hellenes and of the conquerors. Cyprus of the GREEN LINE.
I travelled through the centuries, and everywhere I looked I found the patience, the passion and the inspiration that shapes the stone, brings clay to life, invests metal with shine and splendour. Your history is a perpetual course of descent and emergence. Bastion. Crossroads of civilizations. Lighthouse. History is moulded, and so is Man. The everyday, great man who lives today next to the green line working wonders, building mansions out of the ruins of the recent past; who sings, dances, loves and dreams again and again without forsaking his heritage.

This wild rhythm, so old but always fresh, allured me. The age-old song, a tune so familiar, overwhelmed me. This passion for life, this journey to Cyprus, has made me work incessantly for some years now...

One by one, from the worshipped beaches where Aphrodite was born, I picked the 'sea shells' washed out for me by time.

Then I bowed in awe and repeated the same ritual handed down by our forefathers to reconstruct a hull using my craft and the feelings I gained from this journey. A hull that invites you to your own voyage. A voyage so short, and yet so long, to the "Golden Green Leaf".

Cyprus is renowned for its wealth in elements of civilization. Since antiquity and through the centuries, its geographical location has made the island a crossroads of civilizations, across peoples and continents, where the Greek identity has invariably been the core element.

It took me seven years of research to complete this work, delving into abundant material and literally hand-picking the elements I would use. The outcome was a thematically rich collection, comprising jewellery, microsculpture and objects.