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Since 1984, I have exclusively been involved in the design and production of jewellery and microsculpture, as well as in painting and sculpture.

Persistent exploration and renewal are two of the primary driving forces in my pursuits, which constantly enrich my work with new ideas and invest me with new experience.

The starting point for every creation derives from an inspiration triggered by something I see or feel. This stimulus leads to an initial design which I develop and complete into a final thematic form, from which I then produce a line in jewels, objects or sculpture.

After the initial design stage comes the complex phase of production. I employ a variety of approaches, depending on each design, but I generally apply my own blend of techniques, where most work is done by hand and is very time-demanding. Admittedly, I am equally moved by the creation and development of the design, as I am fascinated by the creation and realization in the actual metalwork, which really amounts to the tangible completion and emergence of the original idea. I wish to see and try to bring out every piece of jewellery in relief, a three-dimensional object, a piece of sculpture.

The end-product is microsculpture. Jewellery - Microsculpture.

My work can broadly be divided in two sections:

  • Abstract
  • Figurative


Abstraction may result from extensive research into specific, concrete themes, or may well be the product of chance. The final image is invariably non-figurative and abstract.

In my abstractive approach, I may be led to a theme from a number of stimuli which influence me. At times they have prompted me to develop a whole line of ideas, thematically classified as 'Kandinsky', 'Cubism' or 'Art Nouveau', for instance. With time, however, experiences build up, influences expand, and evolving inspiration is more apt to fly, to play, to create.


I am invariably enchanted by elements of civilizations. The past, I believe, has built the present; and the present is what builds the future. I therefore feel that the work produced by people in the past deserves our respect and admiration and has furnished us with knowledge. In selecting my themes from elements of civilization, I prefer to use little-known themes in the hope that people will get to know and appreciate them. This is my approach towards reviving some elements of invaluable cultural heritage and contributing to their preservation in our memory. I try to reproduce them in all detail, with no abstraction whatsoever. I go by the same rules when choosing themes from nature: respect, admiration and comprehension of the themes afforded by nature, which I reproduce in silver in all detail, with no abstraction.

Abstract or Figurative - these are the two directions which guide me in my creations and which can make my works so distinctly different. The only common elements in both directions lie in my personal approach to the realization of the works and in the way that I render the themes.

The time I spent under the tutorship of Magni Egisto, painter, sculptor and professor at the State School of Fine Arts in Florence, truly introduced me to the discovery and revelation of the magical world of creation.

Since 1990 I have been experimenting in my own studio, developing and realizing my creations. I only produce works based on my own designs, which I then present in art galleries, cultural centres and in my permanent showroom, next to the studio.

I work by myself and my combined technique mostly involves work done by hand. All designs are unique.

Every December I present at my showroom my new work and the 'good-luck' charms for the next year. Throughout the year, the showroom is open to visitors and buyers by appointment.

Orders from companies for professional/business gifts are welcome but must be based on my own designs and should allow adequate time for completion. Individual orders may not be accommodated, unless they pertain to my existing designs.

If you are interested in any of the items on this site, please e-mail kat@grollio.com or call (+30) 210-6665962 or (+30) 210-6519047.

Apart from design and microsculpture, every thematic unit includes painting and poetry. Each theme includes a poem and a series of water-colours.

New work emerges through an incessant need to pursue new quests. Creating invariably sets me travelling. The following poem reflects my overall approach to the concept of creation, and I find it could serve as an introduction to my site.

Oh, the vague play
of fantasy and mind,
The chanting silence,
the dancing bloom,
The mystical, eternal
Figures of the deep,
Traces of civilization
Coming to life in silver.